For sale
A luxury Cottage
near Rishon Lezion's beach 

A unique opportunity to buy a new home for the price of a second-hand cottage

A 2-year-old 267 sqm house that was built from top quality materials. The cottage is located in the most desirable neighborhood of Rishon Lezion, within walking distance from the beach, in the most attractive and convenient location in terms of transportation.


The 267 sq m building has a 71 sqm basement with the option of further expansion.

The basement housing unit is leased and accessing it is available both inside and outside the house - as a separate entrance.

The house has a high-quality Daikin air conditioner, the world's best air-conditioning company. The air conditioner is equipped with a sophisticated climate control and air filtration VRF system, the air conditioner brings clean air to the house.

6,980,000 NIS

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Photo Gallery

Property photos in its condition today

A house that has invested a lot of resources in careful planning and use of very high quality building materials. Special windows for noise isolation, a special central air conditioner that filters the air coming from outside the house and introduces clean air into the house. The house has elevator preparation for future planning.


The house has a special shaft in preparation for those who want to install an elevator in the future



3 spacious bedrooms and one huge bedroom that can be split into two bedrooms



Air conditioning by Daikin, the best air conditioner in the world. A special system that filters air and enters the house with clear air



Huge master suite with shower and toilet and huge roof terrace